Pool sand filter – Filtration units Premium Line

Innovation, Elegance, Experience, Versatility

Versatility, easy installation and maintenance, design and eye-catching packaging enhance the pool sand filter Shott Premium Line.

The new pressure fitting on top valve filters, the rigid connections on the side valve models, increase the product sturdiness.

The new color of the tank and the use of a slim base, highlight the new design.
Filtration unit PPF Model Filtration capacity Valve Pump Power Prefilter
Filtri a sabbia - Sandfilter Filtri a sabbia Premium PPF85/10000 SIDE 10 [m3/h] 2200 [gph] 6 WAYS SIDE PP10000 945 [W] 1.27 [hp]
Filtri a sabbia - pool sand filter Premium PPF85/10000PP 10 [m3/h] 2200 [gph] 6 WAYS PP10000 945 [W] 1.27 [hp]
Filtri a sabbia - Sand filter Filtri a sabbia Premium PPF200/15000SP SIDE 15 [m3/h] 3299 [gph] 6 WAYS SIDE SP15000 1000 [W] 1.341 [hp]
Filtri a sabbia - Sand filter Premium PPF30/6000PP 5,5 [m3/h] 1210 [gph] 6 WAYS PP6000 405 [W] 0.50 [hp]
Filtri a sabbia - Sandfilter Premium PPF60/7000 SIDE 6 [m3/h] 1320 [gph] 6 WAYS SIDE PP7000 400 [W] 0.50 [hp]
Premium PPF60/7000PP 6 [m3/h] 1320 [gph] 6 WAYS PP7000 400 [W] 0.50 [hp]