Solar showers

To integrate our current range of swimming pool accessories, the Shott catalogue offers a full range of solar showers, which provide all the advantages of a hot shower on the deck without having to use artificial energy sources to heat water. By using the sun’s heating power, our solar showers guarantee good results with minimum expenditure and, given the ease of installation and maintenance and the almost null environmental impact, they are an irreplaceable accessory for home swimming pools. Available in three versions, the compact 20 lt versions with tank, with a choice of painted aluminium or PVC, and the classic 35 lt equipped with foot-wash tap, Shott solar showers can meet even the most demanding customer’s needs.


Solar Showers Model Shell Volume Foot-wash
Pool solar shower SS35C PVC 35 [l] 7.7 [gal]
Solar shower pool in aluminium - Shott international srl Pool Solar Shower SS20C ALU 20 [l] 4.4 [gal]
Pool solar shower SS20B PVC 20 [l] 4.4 [gal]