Splash skimmer

Because of its special structure, the Shott Splash skimmer is designed to be applied externally to pools with rigid walls and can be fitted with the same cartridges as the remaining range of immersion skimmers offered by our company. Its position, outside the pool, allows using 12V as well as the cheaper 230V motors.

Splash Skimmers Model Filtration capacity Dimensions Input power
Splash Skimmer 2500 2.5 [m3/h] 550 [gph] 258 x 212 x 559 [mm] 40 [W] 0.05 [hp]
Splash Skimmer 4500 4.5 [m3/h] 990 [gph] 258 x 212 x 559 [mm] 65 [W] 0.09 [hp]