Tips & Faq

1) Where can I buy Shott products?
To know our official distributor in your country, please write an e-mail to

2) If I am a private customer, can I buy directly from Shott?
No, Shott sells only to other companies which deal with garden or pool products.

3) Where can I buy the spare parts?
Please , first contact your distributor and only after write an e-mail to

4)Is it possible to become official distributor for Shott International in my country?
Yes, but only after a careful evaluation by Shott. For more information please write to

5) Shott International can give me support for the construction of swimming pools or ornamental lakes?
No, Shott is only a manufacturer of filtration systems and pumps for swimming pools and ponds.

6) Still searching for your answer?
Please write to


7) What is the optimal water flow rate for the PB85 and 200?
The optimal flow rate has to ensures the circulation of the water for at least 10-12 times in a day.

8) What is the maximum pond volume for which I can use the PB85 and 200?
Usually the PB85 is recommended for a pond up to 15,000 liters while the PB200 to a pond up to 30000 liters but has to take into account the type of pond and the presence or not of a mechanical filter.

9) What is the load loss made by these filters?
Both the Powerbead 85 and 200 cause a load loss of about 1.7 [m] (00:17 [bar])

10) What is the capacity loss introduced by the filter?
Both the Powerbead 85 and 200 cause a loss of range of 600 range [l / h].

11) How can I determine the type of Powerbead to use according to the size of the pond and to the amount of fish contained in it?
Following are some data which don’t keep in consideration many other things which are
important to define the right filter and so they have to be considered only indicative.

PB85 PB200
Capienza massima dello stagno 15000 [l] 30000 [l]
Quantità massima di pesci 20 [kg] 35 [kg]
Quantità di beads 13 [kg] 26 [kg]
Portata fuori dal filtro (Indicativa) 6000-10000 [l/h] 10000-15000 [l/h]
Dimensioni del filtro 47×98 [cm] 65×110 [cm]

12) What is the optimal pH value for the operation of the filter?
The optimum pH value must be in the range 7.8-9.1. The pH of the water can be define through specific tests available in aquarium shops.

13) What level of nitrite is considered acceptable?
Values as close as possible to zero. Some test are available in specialist shops.